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on this site you can get information about self-developing methods, techiques that reinstates the harmony of body and soul,

methods and therapic excersices, meditations





I am dealing with martial arts for two decades, such as:

Shaolin kung-fu




health-preserving, and -supporting excercises and methods, i.e. Reiki

I'm interested in the behaviour of the soul, this is why I have accomplished the pshychoterapist and school at the Metaphysics Research Institute, and also the thai massage course


My results:

I have taken part of several contests and I have won a place at the first tree, National, European and also World Championships

I had a chance to train

 physicians in Hungary and abroad

In 1998 I had an opportunity to spend a short time in Shaolin, the home of kung-fu, where I could feel the spirit of the place and I could learn from the fascinating knowledge of the Shaolin masters, and the energies of this special place filled me up.

I feel myself favoured as I could learn from the best masters in the world, legyen az Kung-fu, Taiji, or anything else during my life.

There is a saying in Shaolin


where the Master is, there is the Temple

the first sentence I have learned on the Shaolin training, sound like this:

Where there is the will, there is a method too


if the apprentice / pupil is ready the master will show up

I wish for everyone to find himself / herself and therefore his / her master


Shaolin kung fu is existing for more than 1500 years, it's originated from China but its roots are deriving from India.

Bodhidharma had brought the Chan buddhism from India and it spread all over China rapidly, by nowadays Shaolin kung fu and Chan buddhism became well-known all over the world

The Shaolin Kung-fu was brought to Hungary by Dr. Robert Lyons, and later by Shi Xing Hong, who came from the northern Shaolin temple. By his help and by the teachers, trained by these two masters, Shaolin kung fu is spreading in Hungary.

If I'd like to expain it very briefly the word itself means working with life-energy.
Qi-gong supports the immune system, all kinds of self-healing processes in our body and also medical treatments. If an illness comes up, the body starts fighting against the pathogens, and our body needs force and support (supply) to be able to react rapidly and efficiently. If this is not available the period of illness and recovery can increase significantly. With the correctly performed breathing excercises, the life-energy that was used up can be replaced and the balance of the body is recovered.

There are different streams such as:
In addition these is another method of division, in which the method of breathing makes a difference. These are:

The meaning of Taijiquan:
the great ultimate fist

The great final reason
there are 5 main styles, which stand for family names
wu /another type/

Why does it worth to start training?, because it:
- ameliorates coordination
- fills up with energy
- enhances concentration ability
- increases elasticity
- increases flexibility
- keeps joints and muscles fit





e-mail: utazo72@gmail.com

tel: +36 70 225 10 17

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